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acorndesign: backstory

As founder of acorndesign, Margaret Chaves brings nearly 20 years experience in the graphic design and advertising industry to the drafting table. She still believes that research, lots of sketching and Spirutein shakes can make every project better.
Margaret Chaves was born in New York City about 40 years ago. She had always loved the city and thrived on its energy but frankly, there weren't enough acorns there. After a four year stint at Rhode Island school of Design in Providence, she emerged with a bachelors in Graphic Design and the desire to populate the world with logos and other meaningful related collateral.

After dodging one too many plummeting acorns in her back yard, Margaret decided to open acorndesign in 2002 with a mission: to produce simple elegant designs that can stand on their own and work together whether in print or online.

Client List by Category


Treat Farm
Abbey St. Clare Cosmetics
Brushes and Brambles
Orange Open Farms


Marketing Technician, Inc.
Goss Practical Solutions, LLC
Pro Travel, Inc.
Armstong Associates, LLC


Jupiter Medical Center Foundation


Fishers Island Conservancy
Island People's Project
The Cultivars
The Recreation Path Foundation
Fishers Island Yacht Club
Hartford Golf Club

Realty and Land Management

Shellbridge Homeowners Association, Inc.
Metro Realty
Fishers Island Development Corporation


Fun Unlimited Tennis