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Acorndesign is a small but powerful all-in-one shop that produces quality graphic design for printed pieces,corporate identities and now, website design services.

When you have a project that needs a designer, do you know what it should be- but not how it should look?

Or... do you know how it should 'feel', but you're deciding whether it should be a email campaign, a website or a brochure?

That's what we're good at- defining the issue and creating something unique, that makes the viewer understand your message without needing a detailed explaination.

why acorndesign?
Margaret, first and formost, is one tough nut. Connecticut, acorndesign's home, is the charter oak state. And although thousands of options and ideas may be raining around your head (and not just in the autumn), only one design is right for you. With acorndesign, you can find that and grow.